Areas of Practice

Our team of experienced lawyers are focused on getting results for our clients that are practical and cost effective.

Put simply – we just get things done!


Buying or Selling a House or Business, and Company Law Matters

We can help you through the process of buying or selling your home or business. We cover all aspects including… learn more

Re-nuptials, divorce, second marriage considerations

We have a very strong Family Law practice, our main strengths being settlements of Relationship Property problems… learn more

Selling and buying commercial property; forming, selling or buying a business; all areas of company law

We not only know the law – we also know what it is to be in business.  Our lawyers have themselves had many years’ experience as owners… learn more

Employment dismissals, personal grievance, mediation

We have extensive experience and have acted for a range of both employers and employees in all aspects of… learn more

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our litigators know how and when to go to Court to get results.  They also know when not to!  Often opportunities… learn more


Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney

We administer some 600 Trusts and believe that our professional staff are kept informed by constantly attending Trust seminars… learn more

Disputes, leaky buildings, debt collection, problem solving

Our team of lawyers have extensive experience and have appeared as counsel in all of the major Courts and… learn more

Mortgages, guarantees, PPSR’s

We offer all assistance in funding both residential and commercial property transactions and companies.  We are experienced in preparing loan and… learn more

Company liquidations, bankruptcy, Creditor arrangements

We provide cost-effective solutions to our clients who are affected by insolvency, whether as a creditor or debtor… learn more


Bruce Dell has a Notary Public qualification which entitles certification of documents worldwide.

If you wish to complete any Notary Public documentation, then this must be done and made by way of an appointment with Bruce Dell directly.

With each Notary Public certification there are various requirements from different countries of different documents.  We need to ascertain what documents you will be bringing with you before we meet you and we will also need to tell you what you will need in the way of identification to certify those documents so please be aware. Bruce Dell is available on 570 5036 for Notary Public certification.